Laurence Védère-Racine





One year of preparation at ESAG and then at the Beaux-Arts in Paris.
She travels to Thailand and discovers a lacquer workshop in Chang-Maï, a real revelation.
On her return, she is looking for a training and obtains a scholarship from the Société d’ Encouragement aux Métiers d’ Arts with Robert Simoneau, Lacquer, “Meilleur Ouvrier de France”.
She will become his employee for 4 years and will exercise restorations, copies of ancient Chinese and Japanese lacquers, and also commissions of decorators.
Later, with Abbas Moayeri, artist-painter, she was introduced to the Persian miniature that she still practices to this day.
Created her workshop at her home and passed on her knowledge to her daughter Mathilde while continuing to teach classes for Paris Ateliers since 1985.



I draw my inspiration from the feelings of my emotions and dreams.
Many elements such as water are omnipresent in my work; I also like to allude to the other elements of our life, the air, the earth, which are carriers of dreamism.
I work with pigments and varnishes, decorate with gold leaf, powder and copper.
For encrustations, tin, mother-of-pearl and egg shell.